Code 03DRAI3001
Project Area / Project Category Area 3 / Drainage
Location St Georges Basin
Description St Georges Basin Village Centre Drainage
Strategy To facilitate provision of an integrated drainage network connected to Council’s existing system to minimise overflow and environmental impacts
Project Estimate $2,000,000.00 in July 2018
Indexed Estimate $2,085,118.68
Apportionment The apportionment to future development is 73.08%.
Nexus The project is required to sustain development within the identified catchment / contribution area. An upgrade of the existing network generally along Collett Place forms part of this project. The upgrade work provides for existing storm water flows as well as the expected additional flows generated from development areas, so 50% of the upgrading costs have been borne by Council.
Supporting Information

Supporting Information can be viewed here

Land Acquisition Estimate $0.00
Timing Project completed.

Contribution Rate

Financial Year Contribution Area Contribution Rate Type Contribution Rate Existing ET / M2 / SP Future ET / M2 / SP Total ET / M2 / SP
2021 01 Metre Squared $18.81 5200
2021 02 Metre Squared $15.91 62600
2021 03 Metre Squared $10.89 39500