The following documents providing supporting information to the Shoalhaven Contribution Plan 2019.

Shoalhaven Local Environmental Plan 2014 and Shoalhaven Local Environmental Plan (Jerberra Estate) 2014

These are statutory documents that provide high level controls for development, including whether a type of development is permissible with or without consent.  

Shoalhaven Development Control Plan 2014

This document provides guidance and more detailed controls for undertaking development in Shoalhaven.

Community Infrastructure Strategic Plan

This document sets out Council's intentions for the future provision, funding, and prioritising of community infrastructure at a local, district, regional scale.  

Shoalhaven Integrated Strategic Plan 

This document is made up of the integrated planning and reporting (IP&R) suite of documents that form part of the IP&R framework under the Local Government Act 1993. It includes the Community Strategic Plan (CSP), Delivery Program & Operational Plan (DPOP) and Council's financials.