Code 03CFAC0007
Project Area / Project Category Area 3 / Community Facilities
Location Bay and Basin Area
Description Bay & Basin Branch Library
Strategy To provide the community with increased variety of activity and access to Information Technology that meets with user needs of growing social development demand.
Project Estimate $4,931,920 in July 2018
Indexed Estimate $5,141,819.26
Apportionment The apportionment to future development is 21.12%.
Nexus The population accommodated in both existing and future development in Planning Area 3 up to 2026 will generate all of the need for this project.
Supporting Information

Supporting Information can be viewed here

Timing 2020/24

Contribution Rate

Financial Year Contribution Rate Type Contribution Rate Existing ET / M2 / SP Future ET / M2 / SP Total ET / M2 / SP
2021 Equivalent Tenement $562.20 9146 1932 11077