Code CWFIRE2001
Project Area / Project Category City Wide / Fire & Emergency Services
Location Citywide
Description Rural Fire and Emergency Service Plant and Equipment (various locations)
Strategy To apportion 11.7% of the cost of Rural Fire and Emergency Service plant and equipment to meet future development demand. The remaining apportionment of 88.3% is funded by the NSW Government and Fire Insurance Levy.
Project Estimate $1,640,644.00 in Nov 2007
Indexed Estimate $2,245,239.95
Apportionment The apportionment to future development is 100%.
Nexus Council is required to meet 11.7 percent of the cost of providing rural fire services to meet the needs of the local area population. The cost included above reflects this estimated apportioned cost. The population accommodated in both existing and future (residential and non residential) development up to 2026 will generate all of the need for this project. The contribution rate calculation therefore reflects this planning philosophy.
Supporting Information

Supporting information can be viewed here.

Land Acquisition Estimate $0.00
Timing Ongoing.

Contribution Rate

Financial Year Contribution Rate Type Contribution Rate Existing ET / M2 / SP Future ET / M2 / SP Total ET / M2 / SP
2021 Equivalent Tenement $139.37 16110 16110