Code 05ROAD0069
Project Area / Project Category Area 5 / Roads and Traffic
Location Manyana
Description Bendalong Road and Inyadda Drive intersection upgrade (Voluntary Planning Agreement for specific properties)
Strategy To provide improved, efficient and safe public road networks for increasing traffic volumes associated with development demand.
Project Estimate $100,000.00 in Jul 2008
Indexed Estimate $131,456.99
Apportionment The apportionment to future development is 38.02%.
Nexus The project is critical for ensuring that new development pays an equitable apportionment of costs associated with providing a suitable road network which directly services demand created by development.
Supporting Information

Supporting information can be viewed here.

Land Acquisition Estimate $0.00
Timing Development dependent.

Contribution Rate

Financial Year Contribution Rate Type Contribution Rate Existing ET / M2 / SP Future ET / M2 / SP Total ET / M2 / SP
2021 Equivalent Tenement $92.91 877 538 1415