Code 01OREC0013
Project Area / Project Category Area 1 / Passive Recreation
Location South Nowra
Description Land acquisition for passive open space (Old Southern Road, South Nowra)
Strategy To provide new and embellished passive open space to meet user needs associated with future development demand.
Project Estimate $1,145,195.00 in Nov 2004
Indexed Estimate $1,895,155.71
Apportionment The apportionment to future development is 100%.
Nexus The project is critical to provide public open space that meets future user requirements for outdoor recreational and social activity.
Supporting Information

Supporting Information can be viewed here

Land Acquisition Estimate $795,195.00 in Nov 2004
Timing Development dependent.

Contribution Rate

Financial Year Contribution Rate Type Contribution Rate Existing ET / M2 / SP Future ET / M2 / SP Total ET / M2 / SP
2021 Equivalent Tenement $1,883.85 1006 1006